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Online Estimates

Estimates are based on average time and material. Ask us about multiple job discounts. Our service technicians can usually quote any job before beginning the work. We're available 24 hours a day around ann arbor. If you have an emergency, we'll be there.

(Online Estimate pricing only valid if pricing is specifically requested at the time of scheduling a service appointment.)

Drain Cleaning (Fixtures)

  • Most fixture drains can be cleared in less than one hour. This assumes that the pipes are in good condition and are such that our cables can pass through them.

  • $145.00

Drain Cleaning (Sewer/ Building Drain)

  • Most sewers/ building drains can be cleared in less than 2 hours. This assumes as just above.

  • $295.00

Faucet Replacements

  • Removal and replacement of faucets

  • Faucet Replacements, Kitchen faucet

  • Remove and replace kitchen faucet with customer supplied faucet.

  • $185.00

Faucet Replacements, Bathroom/lav faucet

  • Remove and replace lav (bathroom sink) faucet with customer supplied faucet. (Does not include wide-spread faucets.)

  • $155.00

Faucet Replacements, Tub & Shower Valve

  • Remove and replace tub and shower valve with customer supplied faucet. (Circumstances can vary on these jobs, ask for details.)

  • $295.00 - $495.00

Hose Bib - Frost Free Hose Bib Replacement

  • Remove and replace hose bib with frost free hose bib. (Assumes standard installation with full basement ceiling access available.)

  • $195.00

Irrigation System (sprinkler system) Vacuum Breaker Replacement

  • Remove and replace irrigation/ sprinkler system vacuum breaker.

  • $295.00

Shower strainer assembly replacement

  • Remove and replacae shower strainer assembly on fiberglass shower base (not tile base.)

  • $195.00

Sump Pumps

  • Remove and replace sump pump. This assumes sump cover is removeable and check valve is in good condition.

  • $345.00

Sewage Ejector Pump

  • Remove and replace sewage ejector pump. This assumes sewage ejector pit cover is removeable and check valve is in good condition.

  • $695.00 Toilet Replacements and Repairs Replace or repair toilet

Toilet flange replacement and repair

  • Repair broken or recessed toilet flange, re-install toilet.

  • $195.00

Toilet Replacement

  • Remove and replace old toilet with customer supplied toilet.

  • $175.00

Tub (bathtub) drain piece (waste and overflow) replacement

  • Remove and replace waste and overflow assembly on tub, with new tubular trip lever style waste and overflow assembly.

  • $295.00

Water Heaters

  • Water Heater Replacements

  • We supply new water heater and take old water heater with us. Includes all necessary material. This assumes the vent size and gas shut-off are up to code.

  • $425.00 + cost of heater

Water Meter Valves Replacement

  • Replace shut-off valves before and after water meter. Have city turn off water.

  • $365.00

Well pressure tank replacement

  • Remove and replace well pressure tank. This is usually a good time to think about updating surrounding pipes, fittings, and other components.

  • $345.00 plus cost of tank